May 16, 2024

Security & Surveillance Officers

  • APD Limited
  • Nassau Container Port, Arawak Cay, Nassau, The Bahamas
Full Time Job Security Officer

Job / Advertisement Description

Job Summary

This position is responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for the Port and surrounding areas by providing maximum security to protect the Company’s Assets, employees and patrons. The Security and Surveillance Officer is responsible for implementing, maintaining and enforcing the port security plan consistent with the ISPS codes and Bahamian Regulations regarding Maritime Law.

Core Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Monitors gate entry and exit. Screens all persons requesting access to the terminal area by review of TWIC card or temporary access card. Ensures that the holder of the TWIC card matches the picture, and redirects all visitors who do not meet gate entry requirements. Checks security software for any entry restrictions that may be in place for a particular visitor.

2. Reviews shipping documents presented for entry and allows or disallows entry to the port based on the visitor providing the correct documents that correspond to the request for entry.

3. Using the terminal operating system, creates the terminal visit record, and issues all visitors the correct gate pass. Directs visitors to next location within the terminal.

4. Assists truckers picking up loads for delivery by checking for container availability. If containers are not available, denies access to trucker, or redirects to administration building for resolution.

5. Receive briefing and assignments from the supervisor and carry out those assignments.

6. Patrol assignment areas and report to security control at regular intervals.

7. Report/handle unusual incidents or occurrences, suspicious persons, employees or other persons who may be in unauthorized areas.

8. Assist with accident investigations and damage reporting as it relates to APD property, containers, vehicles etc.

9. Provides escort as necessary to staff, patrons, vessel personnel and or other persons around the Port and surrounding area.

10. Manning all security check points and monitoring the swiping in and swiping out of time cards by employees arriving to and departing from work.

11. Log in all employees of contracting firms and other vendors, ensuring that they are wearing authorized identification badges; and refusing to allow entry to unauthorized persons, and provide escorts to persons who have to go in restricted areas.

12. Maintains strict surveillance and keep keen observations in public areas, especially in Break Bulk area, to identify undesirable persons and removing such persons inconspicuously.

13. Control vehicles entering and leaving restricted areas. Refusing entry to unauthorized vehicles and conducting visual inspections and when necessary physical inspection of vehicles and occupants.

14. Provide crowd control as needed.

15. Detain persons involved in illegal acts on property, pending notification of the police or other law enforcement agencies and providing written reports.

16. Investigate all complaints made by patrons and employees doing follow up enquiries and providing written reports upon completion.

17. Answering the telephone in a professional and courteous manner and taking complaints from patrons and employees and dispatching officers to respond when necessary.

18. Logging all incidents and unusual occurrences in the security diary clearly and legibly.

19. Informing the supervisor of all incidents or unusual occurrences as they happen or are reported.

20. Be familiar with fire exits, the firefighting equipment, their location and reporting defects or damages detected.

21. Be familiar with all emergency plans including the fire and emergency plan, disaster preparedness and response plan and the alarm system.

22. Administer C.P.R to persons in need, pending the arrival of medical assistance.

23. Perform duties at fixed posts and division’ outposts.

24. Remain at posts until properly relieved.

25. Adheres to and enforces company’s rules, regulations and the laws of the Bahamas.

26. Attends training sessions, meetings and seminars when required to do so.

27. Maintains confidentiality of any information received.

28. Performs all other duties as requested.

Hiring Requirements (Education, experience, certifications, etc.)

• High School Diploma or equivalent.

• 2-3 years’ experience security field

• Literate

• Bahamian Citizenship

• Experience in operating computer equipment.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities

• Good verbal communication skills

• Attention to detail • Good interpersonal skills

• Ability to type

• Knowledge of shipping papers and documents used for entry into and out of the port.

• Ability to read and write Physical Requirements

• Able to stand for long periods of time

• Able to work in inclement weather conditions

• Able to walk for long periods of time

• Able to work shifts inclusive of night duties, weekend and holidays

• Must be able to conform to company polices in personal appearance and demeanor

Please submit resume to E-mail: or fax number 323-7072.

Only those applicants meeting the above criteria will be short listed and contacted. We request that you do not make phone inquiries concerning this position.