Jan 15, 2019


  • Super Value
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
Full Time Grocery

Job Description

A Stockman provide assistance to customers and handle various duties such as greeting customers, helping Customers locate products,  stocking shelves, and maintaining the store. You can work in various departments such as Dairy, Produce or Grocery. 

Duties Include but not limited to: 

  • Show customers the locations of items they are looking for and suggest  items on special when appropriate
  • Greet customers when they walk through the ailes and ask if they need assistance
  • Maintain a clean and clear ailes to ensure a ultimate shopping experience
  • Restock shelves when needed to ensure optimum availability of products
  • Unpack shipments in the store room and categorize them appropriately
  •  Place special orders for customers who can't find what they need in the store


Excellent work ethic and time management skills

Previous customer service experience a plus

Strong interpersonal communication skills