Jun 09, 2022

Senior Software Engineer - DevTools, Open Source, Python

  • Remote (Work from Home) Jobs
  • The Bahamas
Remote Job/Work from home

Job / Advertisement Description

Job Description

Strong Python knowledge and excellent coding culture (standards, unit test, etc) are required. Alternatively, strong skill in other languages along with some knowledge of Python is also acceptable.

  • Discuss and research issues, features, new products.
  • Write code (see some PR examples).
  • Write docs if needed for your code (see this repo).
  • Being actively involved with the community - talk to users on Github, Discord, forum.

Must have
  • Motivation and interest
  • Remote work self-discipline
  • Excellent communication skills - clear, constructive, and respectful dialog with other team members, community.
  • Can focus and deliver a task w/o constantly switching to other stuff - respect team's planning, deadlines, etc

Great to have
  • Experience working remotely
  • Open source contributions or experience of maintaining, developing an open source project
  • System programming experience - kernel, databases, etc.
  • Machine learning or data science experience