• Morton Salt
  • Morton Salt, Great Inagua, Inagua, The Bahamas
  • Dec 03, 2017
Full Time Electrician Engineering Maintenance Man

Job Description


This job is located within the Operations at Morton Bahamas Limited with responsibility for Maintenance of Mechanical equipment, Basic skills in welding preferred, other skills may include; diesel and gasoline engines and tire repair. The job troubleshoots, repairs, and maintains diesel engines, gasoline engines, and auxiliary equipment for company operations.  Knowledge of mechanical schematics and the ability to operate specialize tools and heavy-duty equipment is required. 


Adhere to and report on Company Environmental Health and Safety policies.  Good technical knowledge of computer application(s).  Mechanical technology principles are required.  Works under general supervision and follows established guidelines and procedures.



Duties may include:

  • Troubleshoot, repair and service plant equipment and rolling stock e.g., compressors, jackhammers, piping, fittings, pumps and tires; utilizing plumbing, carpentry, welding, electronic and electrical skills.
  • Performs a variety of other related duties such as: assist staff in maintenance, installation of new machines and plant equipment, buildings, ensuring timely completion.
  • Performs routine maintenance on gasoline engines and auxiliaries, plant equipment and buildings. This includes a range of mechanical tasks such as:  qualifying or replacing various components, and equipment installation and assembly, which usually require precision alignments.
  • Plans mechanical based jobs. This includes the preparation of a list of needed spare parts for submittal to the supervisor and the co-ordination of mechanical tasks with peers.
  • Assist with the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and auxiliaries. This involves cleaning, overhauling, calibrating and testing tasks performed on various and gasoline engines and other electrical components and equipment.
  • Job Requirements and Difficulty of Work


    Requires knowledge of mechanical and electrical schematics, equipment, and the ability to use specialized tools to affect the repairing and continuous operation of machinery.  Requires arithmetic and written skills to prepare daily logs and reports. Requires a valid drivers license.  Requires Basic knowledge in gas and electric welding, plumbing, and carpentry, tire repair, electronic and electrical skills.  Proficiency in the use of mechanical tools and measuring/operational devices.  Requires adherence to Company Environmental Health and Safety Standards.  References used include service, repair and parts manuals physical and electronic.  Preferred  3-5 years of experience or the equivalent.


    1. Responsibility


    Works under general supervision and follows established guidelines and procedures. 

    Work involves the same or similar tasks each day. 


    Lift heavy equipment occasionally is required.  Climbs, bends, and works in confined spaces occasionally.

    1. Work Environment


    Works indoors and outdoors.  Moderate exposure to hazardous conditions, such as: extreme heat, noise, and exposure to fuels and oils (i.e., skin contact and fumes).  Requires regular use of PPE steel toe boots, coveralls, safety glasses, hard hats and earplugs.


Execute specific task assignments as directed by Management.



Requires High School Diploma with a formal certificate in gasoline and diesel mechanics, and Basic certificate in plumbing, welding, construction, electrical, and tire repairs or the equivalent.