Apr 16, 2019


  • Paradise Games Ltd.
  • Freeport, The Bahamas
Full Time Manager Management Other

Job Description

General Responsibility

Effectively manage the daily operations of a group of stores, manage employees and processes and ensure all company policies are adhered to. Additionally, to carry out special assignments which may from time to time be required and can be assigned by the Executive Branch of Management.

Principal Duties
1. Leads by example ensuring all company policies and procedures are adhered to and where necessary issuing warning slips to effect improvements.
2. Oversees and effectively manage all stores within the district and directs the work of district personnel to ensure company policies and procedures are carried out and goals are being achieved.
3. Promotes fairness and respect for others in the workplace.
4. Develops competencies skills and has the ability to act in the role of any other staff including a cashier and does so should the need arise and in contingency.
5. Improves the skills and knowledge of staff by providing the necessary training and coaching needed with an aim to developing a competent workforce.
6. Makes the necessary recommendations to Human Resources regarding the performance managing of an employee.
7. Assists in the development, implementation and consistent monitoring of the performance appraisal process.
8. Ensures the proper maintenance and use of all district equipment and facilities.
9. Quality Assurance: Ensures the customer experience is positive in an effort to maintain the company's reputation and where necessary assists in developing solutions to issues that may arise.
10. Monitors stores within the district periodically to ensure effective management, a high level of customer service and satisfaction and the safety and comfort of staff and customers are maintained.
11. Makes contributions to the achievements and processes of the company to effect it's success: rewards programmes, marketing strategies, targets, etc.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. Works well with people, both the general public and employees
2. Good communication skills, both verbal and written
3. Experience with computers and/or typing and other clerical work.
4. Administrative and organizational skills.
5. Great interpersonal and customer service skills that will help you to motivate your team and get the very best out of them.
6. The ability to manage a number of stores and employees effectively.
7. Great analytical and problem solving skills.
8. Great communication skills.
9. Be creative, organized and loves to exceed expectations.
10. Be the kind of leader that goes 'all the way' to achieve success.
11. Have unquestionable integrity.
12. Willingness to be mobile in all weather conditions.
13. Willingness to learn and advance education through attending training workshops and

Minimum Qualifications
1. Minimum of five years experience at a supervisory/management level.
2. Transportation and a valid driver’s license.
3. Character beyond rapport.
4. Ability to be flexible in all circumstances.

We wish every applicant success in their job search however only short-listed applicants will be contacted.