Dec 29, 2021

Sales Representative

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Remote Job/Work from home Sales Representative

Job / Advertisement Description

Are you a stellar salesperson seeking a work environment that allows you to focus on sales calls and customer interactions instead of bureaucratic noise? Do you want to get compensated for your achievements without the stress of having to manage exactly how much you exceed quarterly quotas by? Do you want a weekly paycheck that delivers you 100% of what your work is worth? If so, you’ll love our inside sales team.

Traditional sales processes are broken. Strong salespeople get pushed into a single product, are given haphazard deadlines, and compromise on quality for the sake of volume. At Trilogy, we are confident we have created the most effective sales process that services our portfolio of 100+ enterprise software products. In this role, you will deepen your knowledge in the software space and set your career up for long-term growth by constantly learning about new technologies.

Forget about hidden goals that limit your compensation under the guise of a bonus. We never withhold your paycheck for a potential future commission. You will not find inconsistent quotas here. We use technology, algorithms, and data to make decisions, and you will know exactly what to deliver each week. We don’t assess you based on how many calls you close; we reward you on how well you deliver defined expectations during sales calls. If you implement explicit directions and choose quality over quantity, you will succeed here. 

It is time to move on from deceptive and archaic sales environments. If you are a top sales performer excited to scale up your career, hit the apply button.

What you will be doing
  • Selling multiple products to our customers and prospects: You will learn, understand and demonstrate new products every week.
  • Differentiating and positioning software products: You will build deep insights into the competition and address how our products solve customer problems better than alternatives.
  • Communicating with customers verbally and in writing: You will spend most of your time on sales calls with customers and prospects. You will also write customer emails and complete follow-up tasks.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Wasting time on meaningless activities that come with many sales jobs: No more negotiating prices, project management, or time tracking. We have cut out nonessential work so that you can focus on speaking to customers and refining your craft.
  • Cold calling, lead generation, writing your own sales content: We have tried-and-true processes that give you space to do your sales work. 
  • Traveling: Our global organization has been remote for over a decade and knows which tools are needed to succeed. You will achieve high-quality work wherever you may be and be flexible in your life.
Key Responsibilities
  • Successful product demonstrations: You will communicate our products’ unique benefits to existing and potential customers. You will lead high-quality customer-centric sales calls that ensure the customer understands how our products solve their problems.
  • Learning new products: This job is for those who want to learn continuously. You will regularly build expertise in new technologies and features.
Candidate Requirements
  • Previous sales experience - minimum 5 years
  • At least 2 years software sales experience
  • Excellent English skills with good grammar and communication quality
  • Strong verbal and written communicator