Dec 28, 2021

Product Knowledge Curator

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Job / Advertisement Description

Have you ever noticed that nobody visits the second page of Google anymore? Typing a question into Google’s search function almost always produces the right answer. Google’s mission is “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful,” and it does that by distilling an unfathomably large amount of information into highly accurate search answers.

Trilogy is doing the same for its ever-growing library of software products. To achieve this, we are looking for excellent writers with deep technical backgrounds to build a cutting-edge Knowledge Base (KB) capable of nailing the right answer every time for tens of thousands of customers and a Concept Graph that automatically organizes KB content. Here is our plan:

First, the KB will empower our support agents to solve tickets fast and on the first attempt. We believe 80% of support tickets can be solved within 5 minutes. We are at 10% today. Your troubleshooting articles will help ensure that, even with the most complex technical issues we face, our agents will have the right answer at their fingertips.

Next, the KB will be able to anticipate customer questions before they are even raised. Today, our AI-powered Autobot solves 30% of our customers’ issues. Our goal is to reach 100% and completely eliminate the need for support tickets altogether. Your technical aptitude and writing ability will help make this a reality.

What you will be doing
  • Writing highly detailed troubleshooting articles that are the core of our Knowledge Base. Each day, you will flex your technical skills and writing ability.
  • Making continuous improvements to existing KB articles. Our Concept Graph prioritizes the most important article upgrades and uses natural language processing to make it easy to find any article about any topic in an instant.
  • Writing training curricula and certification tests that help L1 and L2 support agents cross-train on multiple products, which allows us to solve customer issues faster.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Writing technical specs, user manuals, or marketing materials. Our KB articles are not general overviews, but rather specific and intentional customer solutions.
  • Creating product material simply for the sake of having it. Each article you write will link to tangible business value. You will not spend your time writing useless articles.
  • Interfacing directly with customers. Instead, you will contribute to a comprehensive library that will guide our customer support operations.
Candidate Requirements
  • Technical depth gained through experience in positions such as software engineering, devops, or technical support.
  • Ability to understand code, scripts, and database queries. While you will not be writing code in this role, you will still need to pass a basic coding assessment to get hired.
  • Ability to work 100% remotely from your own home office.