Dec 02, 2021

15,000 Scholarship- Cosmetology Students

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  • Any accredited beauty school
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Arnie Miller had a Find-A-Way Attitude in business and his life. Whatever the challenge, he always found a “way to make it happen! “Can’t do” wasn’t in his vocabulary. If you have a “Find-A-Way Attitude” in your life and career, this is the scholarship for you.


One (1) Tuition Scholarship, up to $15,000.


This Scholarship is open to new and current students enrolled in a cosmetology program.

Students must provide proof of acceptance and/or proof of attendance at an accredited beauty school.

Students who graduate close to or during the judging process, must still have an open balance at time scholarship is awarded. All funds go to the school to cover any tuition still due. The funds do not go directly to the student to cover any outstanding expenses.

Application Requirements:

Application must include three (3) before & after photos of your artistic work on a mannequin, client, friends, or family showing your creative abilities.

Submit a three-minute maximum, YouTube video with a public URL answering the following questions (if the video exceeds the three-minute requirement the application will not be eligible):

Describe your creative vision for the photos of your work.

Tell us about a time that you exhibited a “Find A Way Attitude” where you had to think outside of the box to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Tell us why having a “Find-A-Way Attitude” will help advance your cosmetology career.

This scholarship is generously funded by The Sydell and Arnold Miller Foundation.