Nov 01, 2021

$3,000 Scholarship - Bahamian Track & Field Athletes

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  • Any College/University in Canada or The USA
Scholarship Scholarship

Job / Advertisement Description

The Track & Field Student Athlete Grant recipients are selected on the basis of the applicants ability to obtain a partial athletic scholarship from an accredited College or University in the USA or Canada and the recommendation of the Bahamas Parents Association of Track & Field Athletes (BPATFA).

This scholarship is managed by:
The Bahamas Parents Association for Track and Field Athletes

Scholarship Checklist

The following documents are needed in order to successfully submit an application. The application process can be started and additional documents may be uploaded up until the relevant scholarship deadline.

The documents needed are as follows:

  • A Bahamian passport
  • A NIB smart card
  • An official acceptance letter
  • An official transcript
  • Copies of certificates (BGCSE / IBs / APs/ SAT/ SAT IIs, etc)
  • Copies of diplomas / degrees / certificates
  • Completed essays (as required by each scholarship)
  • At least two (2) reference letters
  • A schedule of fees (tuition, room and board, etc)*

*Please note that an I-20 form may be used to show the schedule of fees.