Nov 01, 2021

$7,500 Scholarship - Bahamians Studying in The US or Canada

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Scholarship Scholarship

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The OAS-GoB scholarship is awarded to Bahamian students who wish to pursue technical and academic studies at the graduate or postgraduate level. The MOE will award each scholarship recipient $7,500.00 per annum, for a maximum of four years and the OAS shall award each recipient a onetime grant of $1,000.00. Applicants must apply for admission to the areas and levels of study as indicated per participating partner institutions and list of priority areas. Applicants are encouraged to apply for admission to three different participating partner institutions to increase the chances of being granted admission and selected for the scholarship. The OAS has negotiated tuition waivers / discounts from 20% – 100% with participating partner institutions. For more information on partnering institutions please visit our Facebook page and website.  

Please note:  

1To be considered for this award, applicants apply to  

2) Applicants must also apply for the National Tuition Assistance Scholarship via our website.  


PARTICIPATING PARTNER INSTITUTIONS: Midwestern State University – Colorado State University – Western Illinois University – University of Florida – Syracuse University – University of South Florida – Alma College – Jackson State University – University of South Carolina  Aiken – Western Kentucky University – New York Institute of Technology – Western University  

Participating Partner Institutions
 Alma College  Colorado State University  Jackson State University  Midwestern State University  New York Institute of Technology  Syracuse University  University of Florida  University of South Carolina  University of South Florida  University of Western Ontario  Western Illinois University  Western Kentucky University  Willamette Universityseperator

Scholarship Checklist

The following documents are needed in order to successfully submit an application. The application process can be started and additional documents may be uploaded up until the relevant scholarship deadline.

The documents needed are as follows:

  • A Bahamian passport
  • A NIB smart card
  • An official acceptance letter
  • An official transcript
  • Copies of certificates (BGCSE / IBs / APs/ SAT/ SAT IIs, etc)
  • Copies of diplomas / degrees / certificates
  • Completed essays (as required by each scholarship)
  • At least two (2) reference letters
  • A schedule of fees (tuition, room and board, etc)*

*Please note that an I-20 form may be used to show the schedule of fees.