Nov 01, 2021

*80% Tuition Discount - Bahamians Studying at UWI

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The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is committed to providing scholarships for as many of its citizens as possible in disciplines based on our country’s labour and development needs.  Award recipients are selected on the basis of academic success at the high school or college level, AND financial need.

All Bahamian Nationals, NOT PURSING THE MBBS (MEDICINE) PROGRAMME, registered and attending the University of The West Indies at Mona Jamaica, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago and Cave Hill Barbados campuses are currently entitled to TUITION WAIVERS at 80% for University Grant Committee (UGC) FUNDED programmes.

Those students pursuing the MBBS(Medicine) programme, have to apply to the Ministry of Health for the MBBS Tuition Subvention and if successful, The Bahamas Government pays 80% of the  tuition at the Mona Jamaica campus and 60% at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago and Cave Hill Barbados campuses.

If the programme is SELF-FUNDED, the student pays 100% of tuition.

Upon completion, the recipient of the UWI Tuition Wavier or Subvention will be expected to return to The Bahamas and serve in the area for which he/she was trained.  Subvention Medical students are bonded.

All UWI students are required to complete the following registration form in order for the payment of your tuition waver or MBBS Subvention to be processed.


Please be advised that official transcripts must be submitted annually up until the year of graduation. A copy of your degree should also be submitted upon completion.

Scholarship Checklist

The following documents are needed in order to successfully submit an application. The application process can be started and additional documents may be uploaded up until the relevant scholarship deadline.

The documents needed are as follows:

  • A Bahamian passport
  • A NIB smart card
  • An official acceptance letter
  • An official transcript
  • Copies of certificates (BGCSE / IBs / APs/ SAT/ SAT IIs, etc)
  • Copies of diplomas / degrees / certificates
  • Completed essays (as required by each scholarship)
  • At least two (2) reference letters
  • A schedule of fees (tuition, room and board, etc)*

*Please note that an I-20 form may be used to show the schedule of fees.