Nov 01, 2021


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Scholarship Scholarship

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The Public School Scholars Programme was instituted in 2015 to promote college readiness, equity and college access in the public school system. The Ministry of Education will offer guaranteed scholarship awards for each Bahamian high school graduate enrolled in the programme.

The award will range from $7,500.00 but will not exceed $15,000.00 per academic year, for a maximum of four (4) years. Partnering institutions are required to offer a matching grant of equal or higher value. Eligible candidates must be officially recommended by their secondary high schools and meet the admissions requirement of the institution. Candidates must have a genuine interest in a career of national priority, outstanding leadership and character traits, proof of extracurricular involvement and contributions to their school community.

Scholarship applicants must also demonstrate financial need and a genuine desire to pursue a college / university education. First preference is given to first generation college students and students attending college within one year of graduating from high school. Qualified Bahamian public high school candidates must apply or be accepted to partnering colleges and universities. Students must also pass an interview.

Participating Partner Institutions
 Benedict College  Bethune Cookman University  Central Baptist College  Central State University  Coast Mountain College  College of St Benedict/ St. John’s University  Eastern Connecticut State University  Florida Memorial University  Georgie State University  Hastings College  Holland College  John Brown University  Lipscomb University  Middle Tennessee State University  Monroe College  Palm Beach Community College  Spring Hill College  St. Leo University  St. Mary’s University  State University New York  State University of New York – Oswego  Taylor University  Texas Southern University  University of Central Arkansas  University of Central Oklahoma  University of New Haven  University of Prince Edward Island  University of the Ozarksseperator

Scholarship Checklist

The following documents are needed in order to successfully submit an application. The application process can be started and additional documents may be uploaded up until the relevant scholarship deadline.

The documents needed are as follows:

  • A Bahamian passport
  • A NIB smart card
  • An official acceptance letter
  • An official transcript
  • Copies of certificates (BGCSE / IBs / APs/ SAT/ SAT IIs, etc)
  • Copies of diplomas / degrees / certificates
  • Completed essays (as required by each scholarship)
  • At least two (2) reference letters
  • A schedule of fees (tuition, room and board, etc)*

*Please note that an I-20 form may be used to show the schedule of fees.