Sep 29, 2021

Remote Job for Bahamians - Customer Knowledge Manager

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Remote Job/Work from home Customer Service Manager Management Supervisor

Job / Advertisement Description

Company Description

Chili Piper is a B2B SaaS startup. Our product helps clients turn inbound leads into qualified meetings instantly, helping revenue teams connect to buyers faster.

Think Calendly. Except way better. Way more powerful. And with customers like RingCentral, Airbnb, Square, Intuit, Spotify, Twilio, and many other cool logos.

We’re growing fast. And we don’t mean that in the cliche way. We are sitting on a fresh round of funding, and are ready to take over the world (in the most civil and appropriate way possible, of course).

Job Description

The Customer Knowledge Manager (CKM) will be responsible for curating, maintaining, and optimizing customer knowledge content in the Chili Hub - a central location for all customer resources. The Customer Knowledge Manager will be building a better way to help our customers help themselves. This role is business critical to drive adoption, retention, and growth. The CKM is a multifaceted, dynamic, and creative role with room for growth. 

We’re looking for a highly organized person with project management and content creation experience to lead the creation of a best-in-class customer center. This person will have a knack for simplifying the complex, organizing the disorganized, and gets excited about curating technology to create amazing experiences.

What You'll Do 

  • Perform an audit of our current Knowledge Base to design an information architecture to consolidate articles and improve navigation and searchability aka main nav, sub-navigation, nomenclature.
  • Create a content council made up of representatives from different departments to contribute to the content of the Chili Hub
  • Determine a process for commissioning, creating, reviewing, and publishing content into the Chili Hub with the content council.
  • Work with the Product team to begin the creation of documentation and understanding the value of new features early in the development cycle, to release help content at the time of release, preventing tickets from occurring in the first place. 
  • Establish a format for articles that improves consumability by incorporating different components like gifs, video, audio, and kinesthetic guides. 
  • Research and apply best practices to improve searchability, infrastructure, and consumability
  • Vet the best way to build an omnichannel customer center. Design an architecture that brings together our other customer resources.
  • Work with the UX team to bring customer knowledge in-app
  • Audit content on a quarterly basis to ensure customer lifecycle marketing includes the most up to date content from the Chili Hub
  • Share quarterly analysis of Chili Hub usage as well as qualitative feedback from the CSEs and CSMs to identify where clients are investing more effort
  • Research and determine what additional channels should be added to the Chili Hub and prioritize based on ease + impact. Determine what people, tech, and budget are needed to execute. 
  • Measure leading indicators and outcomes - Click-Through Rate on Search Results, Page analytics (focus time, scroll depth, hover time, bounce rate), Chatbot usage, Improved CSAT, reduced ticket volume


What We're Looking For

  • Exemplary at simplifying, explaining, and writing-about technical and complex topics 
  • Masterful in creating and maintaining information architecture
  • Experienced cross-functional project manager
  • Strong content marketing experience 
  • Experience with knowledge base software (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, etc….)
  • Prior Community or LMS management is a plus

Additional Skills 

  • Passion for Chili Piper Values of Help, Innovate, Have Fun
  • Thrive in a fast pace environment with ability to prioritize and multi-task on the fly
  • Resourcefulness, creativity and strategic thinking for troubleshooting problems
  • Self motivated and self-directed; Fast learner
  • Strong English communication and documentation skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment in which the requirements are not always well defined and priorities change frequently
  • Strong attention to detail and documentation
  • Comfortable in supporting and working with global customers across many time zones 

Additional Information

How We Work

  • Freedom and flexibility. We’re a 100% distributed team working from around the world. Our team members can work from wherever they want in the world, as long as they show up on our weekly all hands meeting on Zoom.
  • Solve interesting problems. The software landscape has exploded. There are dozens of solutions for each problem. We want to be different. We come up with new angles on existing problems or invent better solutions to help companies with their sales and marketing. Then we turn these ideas into beautiful, smart software.
  • Autonomy and ownership. Working on a distributed team means you don’t have someone micromanaging you or looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re getting things done. We’re a team of do-ers who take full ownership for their results.
  • Be helpful. Our first value as a company is help. Help our customers be successful. Help our prospects get the right information and make the right decision whether or not it includes our products. Help our team members reach their full potential.

The Perks

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • 50% Women in leadership at Chili Piper
  • Company Offered 401k Plan
  • Generous Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • WeWork membership so you can work from anywhere
  • Any equipment/software/tech that you need to do your job