Jul 10, 2021

Instructional Designer: Happiness

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Customer support at Automattic is the purview of our Happiness division, which features a vibrant community of people with a variety of inter-related skills. The Happiness Instructional Designer will work in partnership with Happiness and with HappEx (our Happiness Experience team) to craft a learning experience that delivers high-quality educational content that reflects our diverse community and supports the goals of the division.

This role will have have three main responsibilities:
  • Build and manage an online educational platform
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to plan and execute training strategies
  • Create inclusive educational content

Ideal candidates have a strong background in instructional design for large teams of 500+ people, teaching adult learners, professional development, or a related field. They should be able to analyze complex content, collaborate with other teams and subject matter experts, problem-solve to find solutions, and write clear and compelling training material. They should be skilled at determining systems for measuring current skill level, with clear ideas of how to develop programs that best support the skill sets needed by the division. In short, they should be curious, adaptable, and a capable curriculum designer.

Strong candidates will:
  • Be Happiness Engineer-oriented. You see our team as subject matter experts, and are eager to work in partnership with them to surface the very best of what Happiness Engineers know and build training around it.
  • Be quick-paced. You understand the value in executing many small projects quickly and repeatedly, versus waiting on one grand unifying solution. You don't miss deadlines without clear communication, and even then only rarely.
  • Be customer-oriented. You want to spend time with our customers and with Happiness Engineers "on the ground" to discover how best to tailor education to ultimately serve both HEs and the customer.
  • Be hands-on. You have experience doing the work (project conception, project management, etc), and you expect to personally get things done.
  • Be an information sponge. You are exceptional at absorbing information and drawing out useful pieces. You can explain difficult, unwieldy concepts easily and to a broad audience. You can take many pieces of information from many different sources and synthesize it into an actionable plan.

  • Consult with key stakeholders within Happiness and subject matter experts, including customers, to gather learning content and drive sustainable behavior change across the Happiness team.
  • Analyze complex content to create outlines, scripts, and detailed storyboards for learning modules.
  • Able to create a variety of learning materials across many formats; e.g., video, quizzes, text, audio, etc.
  • Collaborate with Happiness Engineer rotations to teach instructional content.
  • Create content that meets clearly defined objectives and competency requirements.
  • Apply adult learning theories to write engaging and relevant web-based instructional materials.
  • Span assessment, training, and evaluation. Invest time in each stage of the loop between assessment, training, evaluation, and provide clear feedback at each point.
  • Provide thorough reporting at routine intervals, along with detailed and useful retrospectives on projects
  • Help to build the Instructional Design team within Happiness as appropriate.