May 04, 2024

Marine Mammal Specialist IV

  • Atlantis
  • The Bahamas

Job / Advertisement Description

Part of the Marine Mammal Specialist staff which helps ensure healthy and sanitary living conditions, proper nutrition, and constant care for all marine mammals. This includes daily maintenance of facilities, water testing and animal observations. Plays a supportive role in dolphin interaction presentations, education and conservation efforts.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Make daily observations of animals and report any abnormalities or change of normal animal behavior to necessary Management personnel.
  • Maintain a safe and sanitary working area and animal living conditions.
  • Follow SOP guidelines and instructions for proper preparation of animal food diets. This includes extensive attention to detail for cleaning of food prep areas and food storage areas.
  • Maintain all exhibit equipment and area responsibilities on a daily basis.
  • Acquire basic knowledge in animal husbandry and training techniques through supervised structured participation, listening, observation, and reading materials provided.
  • Under close supervision, administer animal vitamins properly.
  • Maintain animal records, animal observations and departmental notebooks.
  • Develop exceptional customer service skills for performing supportive roles in education and dolphin interaction programs.
  • Develop the ability to care and train the animals.
  • Displays the ability to report for duty at scheduled time and in proper uniform. Must be available for any shift necessary to care for and observe the animals.
  • Maintains a sound knowledge of the Company's facilities and related services.
  • Develop a professional approach to the career and function as a team member showing consideration, tolerance, cooperation, reliability and the ability to accept constructive criticism.
  • Performs all duties related to animal and guest needs as requested by management and as the department requires regardless of time, day or location.
  • Maintain the department standard of excellent physical condition as needed to perform all aspects of the job safely. Must be able to pass physical swim test on an annual basis.
  • Responsible understanding and applying all information contained in department manuals and communication notebooks.
  • Perform other reasonable duties required by management.
  • The Company operates a twenty-four (24) hour business. Therefore, you may be rostered to work shifts, which may change from time to time.
Required Education/Training:
  • High school diploma or general education diploma.
Required Skills/Knowledge:
  • Excellent health and physical condition.
  • Must demonstrate these skills by successfully passing annual departmental swim test.