Apr 25, 2024

Slot Technician

  • Atlantis
  • The Bahamas

Job / Advertisement Description

• Responsible for ensuring that slot machines are functioning properly and efficiently and to report malfunctions to the Slot Technical Supervisor.
• Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
• Attend training when requested, to ensure proper skills necessary to perform duties.
• Attend all staff meetings when requested.
• Submit orders for machine parts to the Slot Technician Supervisor ensuring sufficient stock level at all times.
• Ensure that the assigned ACSC System Access Card is properly inserted into the card reader and registered with the system before opening the slot machine door.
• Responsible for completing "Machine Entry Authorization Logs" of all repairs on each slot machine.
• Posses thorough knowledge of moving mechanical parts on slot machines, electronics and electrical functions.
• Perform immediate, periodic and overhaul maintenance on gaming machines, equipment and hardware.
• Isolate electronic faults at board level and refer to Slot Board Repair Technician.
• Participate in major slot projects/move .
• Participate in assisting the Drop Team during Slot drop .
• Understand and carry out detailed instructions.
• Repair and diagnose machine faults.
• Ensures a complete understanding of, and adheres to the policies within the Employee Handbook and Department Operation Manual
• Maintain confidentiality of information received at all times.
• Conduct low revenue machine checks as instructed by Slot Management.
• Assist in the verification of jackpots as requested by management.
• Have a complete knowledge of facilities available to guests of the hotel.
• Perform other reasonable duties required by management

Required Qualifications:

• Gaming Board License for the Casino.
• Minimum of a high school diploma
• Completion of an Electronics Course at a recognized training institution
• Excellent communication skills (written and oral)