Apr 04, 2024

Water Park Operations Assistant Manager

  • Atlantis
  • The Bahamas

Job / Advertisement Description

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Safety protocols: Develop and implement comprehensive safety protocols and procedures to ensure the well-being of guests and staff members in all water park areas.
  • Lifeguard supervision: Oversee the lifeguard team, ensuring they are properly trained, certified, and deployed strategically throughout the park to monitor and respond quickly to any water-related emergencies.
  • Training and certifications: Facilitate training programs and ensure all lifeguards and staff members receive appropriate certifications, such as lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid, in accordance with industry standards.
  • Emergency preparedness: Develop and regularly update emergency response plans, including procedures for water rescues, evacuations, and communication during critical situations.
  • Inspections and audits: Conduct regular inspections of facilities, slides, pools, and other water attractions to identify and address any safety hazards or maintenance issues promptly.
  • Safety signage and communication: Ensure clear and visible placement of safety signage throughout the water park, providing important instructions and guidance to guests related to water safety.
  • Guest education: Implement educational initiatives to promote water safety awareness among guests, including rules for swimming areas, proper attire, and supervision of children.
  • Incident reporting and investigation: Establish protocols for reporting and investigating any water-related incidents, closely monitoring trends and taking appropriate actions to prevent future occurrences.
  • Perform other reasonable duties required by management.
  • The Company operates a twenty-four (24) hour business. Therefore, you may be rostered to work shifts, which may change from time to time.