Jun 01, 2021

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As an artist and photographer, I specialize in the creation of Art-Mosaic, that is, compositions of micro-images that form a main figure.

The work I am working on in this period, dedicated to the difficulties brought about by Covid-19, aims to represent the 'resistance' of today's woman who, despite everything, affirms her strength and femininity without delay. The main subject that will be extrapolated from the micro-tiles that will compose it will depict a woman who from the window of her bedroom, after having just woken up, will turn the lens of her camera towards the window whose panorama will be the horizon and 'Ocean. I have deliberately identified this subject in order to symbolize the innate attitude of the traveler that exists in all of us despite the restrictions imposed by the Corona Virus.

The 4 Layouts that will be sent will be divided into 24 different shots each and characterized by some changes of outfit and pose.

Being a collaboration to be carried out in 'Smart Working', what is required of the selected Collaborators is to imitate as closely as possible the poses provided by taking photographic shots following the instructions that will be forwarded. It is a job that can be done and produced directly from home following certain indications.

The payment-fee established for this collaboration is 400 euros + some bonuses depending on the quality / quantity of the shots provided.


Gender: Female
Age: 40 to