May 31, 2021

Female models for short Fitness/Exercise videos

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Freelance Job Fitness Model

Job / Advertisement Description


We are looking for female models who enjoy fitness and would be available to record some exercise videos. You don't have to be a professional fitness model, it's okay if you just enjoy fitness and exercising as a leisure activity. We are a gym from southern France. With these videos we're looking to build an online library of exercises and workouts for our website, so clients are motivated to work out at home. The videos will only be available to registered customers and will not be used otherwise or on social media. You would record 3-4 videos all centering around a specific exercise, each around 3-4 minutes long. You would record them on your own at home or outside, following written instructions about the exercises, and then send us the videos. To help the muscles recover, the individual videos would be spaced about a week apart each.


Gender: Female
Age: 14 to 34
Height: 176 to 210
Ethnicities: White/Caucasic, Latino/Hispanic
Disciplines: Fitness