Jul 31, 2021

College Admission

  • Seattle Central Community College
  • 1701 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122, USA
College/University Education / Training

Job / Advertisement Description

Admission Requirements

Depending on your applicant type, you may need to provide different documents and/or information with your application. You must also send all required documents by the deadline and be at least 16 years old by the first day of classes. Documents will be uploaded with the online application.

Applicants who hold a U.S. passport, green card, immigrant visa, certain non-immigrant visas, or special immigrant categories should not apply as international students. Please review our guidelines to check whether you should apply via one of our Resident Admission Offices.


General Applicant

You will apply as a general applicant if you are not a current F/M-1 visa student and have never attended Seattle Colleges.




1. International Student Admission Application

Complete your International Student Admission Application through our online portal. Apply now!

2. $50 Application Fee and Optional Express Mail Fee

The $50 application fee must be paid before an application can be processed. Applicants wanting their acceptance materials sent by FedEx Express Mail must also pay the express mail fee. For more details, review our handout.

3. Proof of Finances

Applicants must identify who will be financing their U.S. education and provide proof that sufficient funds are available for their studies. For complete details, including minimum amounts required for admission, please review our guide.

4. Copy of Passport Photo Page

Applicants must provide a copy of their passport's photo page. The entire photo page must be visible (no portion can be obstructed, including the bottom strip), and the image must be of good quality (no glare or reflections).