Oct 16, 2023


  • The Tomlinson Scholarship Foundation
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
Scholarship Scholarship

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You or your student could be the deserving recipient of the Tomlinson Family Scholarship. But have they applied for admission to their eligible university yet? Deadlines are fast approaching for the 2024 Fall Semester, with some as soon as November 1st.

The Tomlinson Scholarship Foundation provides annual awards of up to US$15,000 per student for those exceptional Bahamian students enrolling in selected universities in Canada. Recipients are required to continue with their approved major throughout the duration of the scholarship unless a change is approved by the Selection Committee. Students must maintain an overall average of at least 65% (or “C”) at all times, and at least a 70% average (or “B-”) in their major courses starting in the second year. Recipients must pledge to return to The Bahamas upon graduation to pursue their careers, and are encouraged to become members of the Tomlinson Scholars’ Alumni Association and participate in Tomlinson Alumni functions to help ensure that other Bahamians may benefit from the opportunities they have enjoyed. The proceeds from this award may only be applied towards Approved Costs such as tuition, books, accommodation, food, health insurance and air fares.

Once you or your student has finished submitting to their desired schools, apply for the chance to receive up to $15k toward a university education courtesy of the Tomlinson Scholarship Foundation. Bahamian students are encouraged to apply for this incredible opportunity before March 31st of 2024!
Approved Programs & Universities
Scholarships will only be awarded to students planning to study one of the following Approved Programs at one of the following Approved Universities: 

Approved Programs 


Agricultural Science 

Business Management 

Computer Science 



Environmental Science/Renewable Energy 

Actuarial Science 

Approved Universities

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec 

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario 

Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario 

University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario 

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario 

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario 

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario 

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta 

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC 

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta 

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Selection Criteria:

Academic Merit: Analysis of grades, test scores, rigor of academic program, honours, awards, recommendation, etc. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent) is a minimum requirement. 

  • Financial Need 

  • Applicants must be Bahamian citizens of strong moral character 

  • Leadership qualities/contributions to the school and community 

The Tomlinson Family Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to helping ambitious Bahamian students receive a university education by providing one student per year an annual grant of up to $15,000. The foundation chooses only the brightest, most ambitious students in need of financial aid. Apply today at www.tomlinsonscholarship.com/submission