May 01, 2021

Certification: Facebook Certified Community Manager

  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Remote (Online)
Licensure / Certification Digital Marketing Manager Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Job / Advertisement Description

This exam identifies candidates who possess the ability to build scale, and sustain an online community by utilizing community-building strategies and tools.

The ideal candidates for this exam are:

  • Community leaders
  • Brand Managers and Social Managers who possess the skills and knowledge for managing, scaling and connecting online communities, and understand platform policies and regulations.

Exam Outline

Define and establish a community (8%)

  • Make determinations required to develop community goals, objectives, mission, purpose, values, and KPIs
  • Apply concepts required to create and assess community guiding principles

Develop community strategies and processes (27%)

  • Make determinations required to cultivate and evolve a platform strategy
  • Determine an audience strategy
  • Analyze a branding strategy
  • Apply concepts required for operational workflows
  • Determine a team structure and management strategy
  • Determine a launch strategy
  • Apply concepts required to identify and leverage strategic partnerships

Make strategic content decisions (16%)

  • Make determinations required to create and curate relevant content using a variety of tactics for specific target audiences within a community
  • Identify trends/issues that can provide valuable insights to the community
  • Make determinations required to implement goal-driven activities

Engage and moderate the community (29%)

  • Apply concepts required to onboard community members
  • Apply concepts required to maintain community operations
  • Apply concepts required to foster member-to-member connections
  • Make determinations required to address and resolve crises and conflicts
  • Make determinations required to implement engagement tactics based on audience segmentation
  • Adhere to community standards and terms of service

Measure and analyze community success (20%)

  • Analyze content and engagement performance
  • Examine data to conduct quantitative and qualitative reporting
  • Make determinations required to establish a feedback collection, learning, and implementation process
  • Make determinations required to establish a sustainability model, including opportunities for revenue generation when applicable

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