May 01, 2021

Certification: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Remote (Online)
Licensure / Certification Digital Marketing Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Job / Advertisement Description

This exam measures your competency in designing an end-to-end Facebook marketing strategy that aligns to business goals and complements a holistic marketing plan.

The ideal candidates for this exam are:

  • Digital Planners
  • Media Planners
  • Programmatic Planners
  • Comms Planners
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Planning and Buying Hybrid Roles

Certification Exam Content Outline

Before attempting to become a Facebook Blueprint certified professional, we recommend you practice the following skills.

Needs Assessment (20%)

  • Translate an advertiser's challenge into specific and measurable business goals and KPIs
  • Determine if and how Facebook fits within a holistic media strategy to meet an advertiser's goals
  • Review existing advertiser data sources (e.g., pixel, SDK, CRM) to make informed recommendations

Learnings and Insights (13%)

  • Interpret past Facebook campaign performance and KPIs to devise actionable recommendations for future campaigns
  • Utilize industry research and Facebook tools to inform new opportunities

Media Recommendation (29%)

  • Choose a buying type (i.e., auction, reach and frequency, TRP)
  • Recommend appropriate placements
  • Classify ad policies, brand safety, and transparency
  • Recommend an appropriate budget based on key parameters

Campaign Performance Monitoring (7%)

  • Evaluate campaign performance against planned outcomes, and reassess and recommend a modified media plan as needed

Media Strategy (31%)

  • Choose an appropriate campaign objective that maps to business goal(s)
  • Evaluate and recommend a targeting strategy based on advertiser’s business goals
  • Recommend a strategy that utilizes the appropriate assets based upon the desired placements, formats, and delivery
  • Determine a measurement and reporting approach that aligns with the campaign

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