May 01, 2021

Certification: Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional

  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Remote (Online)
Licensure / Certification Digital Marketing Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Job / Advertisement Description

This exam identifies candidates who possess advanced competency in the strategic skills needed to develop insight-driven creative briefs, inspire and improve the impact of mobile creative, and drive better results on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Certification Exam Content Outline

Before attempting to become a Facebook Blueprint certified professional, we recommend you practice the following skills.

 Mobile Fundamentals (32%)

  • Outline consumers' shift to mobile and Facebook's position within the shift to creative teams.
  • Select which Facebook capabilities and products map to which of the various components of the marketing funnel.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to brief for mobile creative within an overall creative brief.
  • Explain principles of high-quality and effective mobile creative.

Research & Insights (32%)

  • Given a client's business objectives, determine the appropriate Facebook marketing objectives.
  • Explain how creative and Facebook capabilities effect campaign delivery.
  • Define the Facebook resources and capabilities available to inform the creative development process.
  • Demonstrate how Facebook resources or capabilities can be used to develop creative better suited to specific verticals and desired target audiences.
  • Given Facebook data, determine the relevant insights to include in a creative brief.

Brief Development (16%)

  • Given campaign objectives (awareness, consideration, or conversion) and KPIs, explain how Facebook products and capabilities can improve creative development and influence campaign delivery and outcomes.
  • Given a client's business objectives, decide which Facebook audience targeting capabilities to utilize in development of the creative brief.

Evaluation & Measurement (20%)

  • Classify Facebook measurement solutions that are used to evaluate creative and campaign across different phases of creative and campaign development.
  • Given a creative sample, critique quality and effectiveness from a mobile perspective.
  • Given Facebook creative and campaign measurement results, determine key findings with regard to impact and efficacy of creative and campaign.
  • Given Facebook creative and campaign measurement results, determine recommended modifications.

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