May 01, 2021

Certification: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Online
Licensure / Certification Digital Marketing Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Job / Advertisement Description

Associate level exam covering foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

The ideal candidates for this certification are entry level marketers, including students and job seekers.

Certification Exam Content Outline

Before attempting to become a Facebook Blueprint certified professional, we recommend you practice the following skills.

The Value of Facebook (8%)

  • Identify the different Products that make up the Facebook family of apps and services
  • Communicate the value proposition of the Facebook family of apps and services for businesses

Establish Platform Presence (13%)

  • Identify the steps to establish a business presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Explain the process to set up an ad account
  • Identify mobile creative best practices

Advertising Fundamentals (25%)

  • Identify the difference between an ad and a page post
  • Identify the structure of a Facebook campaign
  • Explain the importance of matching business goals to Facebook campaign objectives
  • Communicate the value of the Facebook Pixel
  • Explain the way Facebook charges for ads and where the ads are shown
  • Identify how Facebook protects user data privacy and common ad policies

Create and Manage Ads (46%)

  • Explain the differences between the tools available to create and manage ads
  • Identify settings available at the campaign, ad set, and ad level
  • Determine the Facebook campaign objective to achieve business goals
  • Identify target audience capabilities
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate ad formats
  • Identify budget and scheduling options
  • Determine the relationship between budget and estimated results

Reporting (8%)

  • Identify campaign results through ads reporting
  • Explain how to measure the success of a campaign

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