Apr 20, 2021

Restaurant Events Manager - Marcus (HYA)

  • Baha Mar
  • Nassau, The Bahamas

Job / Advertisement Description

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree preferred
  • 3 years+ of management experience in a restaurant, event planning or related field
  • Hospitality/Tourism experience preferred

Description of Responsibilities

Grand Hyatt's Restaurant Events Manager will be responsible for coordinating and managing the overall operational and financial responsibility of all restaurant events, including labor and cost control, staffing, revenue enhancement, always employing an efficient and professional manner to exceed guests' expectations for their restaurant event experiences. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure optimum delivery of Restaurant Event sales strategies, balancing a pragmatic approach with need to consistently perform to a standard of excellence
  • Provide dynamic services to ensure guests are "wowed" by Baha Mar's hospitality
  • Direct smooth, efficient, cost effective operation, including labor management, supervision of all aspects of services, scheduling and inventory control
  • Monitor all event sales, ordering, par levels and costs for restaurants.
  • Direct and organize the events/activities of the restaurant.
  • Maintain the highest standards of food and beverage quality, service, and marketing to maximize profits through \"outstanding\" customer service
  • Uphold company's key values and brand standards to encourage employees to maintain culture of excellence and achieve top results
  • Proactively manage and support all service tactics always adhering to company policies
  • Build positive working relationships through teamwork and clear communication
  • Strive for continuous improvement while delivering high levels of professionalism
  • Ensure that all safety, sanitation, energy management, preventative maintenance and other standards are consistently met
  • Immediately report any security, maintenance, housekeeping issues to management
  • Oversee all aspects of restaurant events on a regular basis to ensure consistency of excellent service standards
  • Develop new techniques of service for maximum guest satisfaction at minimum operating costs
  • Total compliance with Baha Mar's standards of operation
  • Stay current on hospitality best practices and industry trends
  • Perform other duties as assigned