Apr 06, 2021

Guest Service Representative

  • Consulting Firm
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
Contract Job Customer Service

Job / Advertisement Description

    • Meet & greet curbside staff outside of the terminal at the curbside area meeting and receiving guests arriving for embarkation.
    • Ensure all luggage received from the Guests are tagged with Guests’ room number.
    • Remind Guests that any travel documents, valuables or medicine required should be kept in their hand luggage.
    • Accompany Guests whenever necessary on buses with an introductory Welcome Speech advising of next steps, other pertinent information as well as any safety measures to take into consideration.
    • Direct Guests to their next location.
    • Provide Guests with refreshments upon their arrival.
    • Check that no luggage have been misplaced and move the luggage / advise the porters in case any luggage should be moved to another section.
    • If Guests are unable to locate their luggage, provide assistance by assisting them with the search and ultimately, send them to the Lost Luggage Agent to fill out a report.
    • Staff also gives directions or answers to any questions that guests may have.
    • Ensure each Guest is carrying their individual Boarding Pass
    • Ensure that Guests with Priority access are given priority and their waiting time in line is kept to a minimum.
    • Assists those Guests with Special Needs.


    What to consider during COVID-19?

    • Ensure proper distancing of 6 feet when interacting with Guests, porters or other staff. Exit queue to board buses must be given sufficient space.
    • Before Safety briefing takes place, sanitize the microphone. Safety briefing of the staff to include: reminder of washing or sanitizing hands regularly, maintain social distancing, all guests must wear facemasks inside the terminal, coughing etiquette, and have documentation ready for check-in.
    • Control the Guests’ movement getting in and out of the bus. Guests should embark/disembark buses in an orderly manner.
    • Remind all Guests to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when entering the vehicle.
    • In order to ensure there is no cross-traffic, ask Guests to get off from the rear door and in order.
    • An alcohol-based hand-sanitizing solution should be used afterwards or disinfectant wipes for cleaning straps, handles… should be used.
    • Try to avoid touching belongings of the guests including any documentation (travel documents, passport...), or personal items.
    • If Guests arrive before their check-in appointment time, inform Guests that due to limited capacity in the terminal, they need to come back at the time they selected during check-in online. If guests do not wish to leave, direct Guest to the waiting area.
    • Keep to minimum resources such as pens, documentation, office supplies and walkie-talkies. Do not share equipment during the day, unless disinfected between each use with anti-viral disinfection spray or anti-viral wipes.


  • 5+ Years’ Experience in the Tourism Industry Required
  • 5+ Years’ Experience in Customer Service Required
  • 5+ Years’ Experience in Logistics, Planning & Scheduling
  • 5+ Years’ Experience in Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Very Personable/Team Player/Reliable/Dependable
  • Willing to work long hours
  • Strong Knowledge of the English Language
  • Clean Police Record
  • 2 References (1 Must From Previous Employer)