Jan 10, 2021

Director of Surveillance - Surveillance (Sky Warrior Shared

  • Baha Mar
  • Nassau, The Bahamas

AD Description

Job Requirements:

  • A Bachelor's degree or MBA in Business, Finance or related discipline and/or
  • 10+ years of equivalent experience in a surveillance related field
  • Must have held a high level surveillance management position in a casino that includes high limit / high roller play as well as mass market
  • Must have experience in monitoring high end rolling programs and junket operators

Description of Responsibilities

  • Ensure adequate camera coverage is provided throughout the facility in order to be in conformance with minimum internal controls
  • Ensure surveillance cameras are in good working order at all times
  • Work in conjunction with operations management to identify possible or known cheats, card-counters, thieves or other individuals suspected of endangering company assets
  • Analyze and prepare reports on individual "high roller" players to determine playing style, possibility of cheating or any other anomalies that could impact game outcome
  • Ensure staff is properly trained on table games procedures and methods of cheating
  • Review reports from surveillance operators and identify any problem areas
  • Investigate any reports of policy or procedure violations relative to game integrity or cash handling
  • Prepare reports and analyses for casino management detailing, findings and/or deficiencies resulting from department/team member non-compliance
  • Analyze data obtained for evidence of deficiencies in controls, fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government regulations and management policies or procedures
  • Ensure library of recorded video is maintained in good condition and is kept "on file" as required by casino policy and regulations
  • Ensure confidentiality of information regarding reports, investigations and suspicious activities of team members and/or guests
  • Maintain contacts with industry Surveillance Directors to stay apprised of current scams, cheats or schemes that could negatively impact the casino
  • Maintain contact with industry peers to stay apprised of gaming patterns of certain high limit players
  • Conduct special studies for management such as those required to discover mechanics of detected fraud and to develop controls for fraud prevention