Jan 06, 2021

Pump Attendant

  • Department of Labor (Job Portal)
  • Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

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Pump Attendant

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Service Station/

Degree Required
High School Diploma

Min Salary

Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Job Description

Gas Station Attendant
Duties and Responsibilities Job responsibilities for gas attendants vary based on the services and products offered by the gas station. However, these core duties are generally the same:
Greet Customers
Gas attendants greet customers when they approach the station and ask if they need assistance with anything provided by the store.
Pump Gas
Gas attendants pump gasoline into customer vehicles based on their fuel type selection and the amount of gas they request.
Wash Windshields
Gas attendants wash vehicle windshields and windows.
Conduct Customer Transactions
Gas attendants sell and process cash and credit payments for items such as food and beverages.

Gas Attendant Skills and Qualifications Gas attendants use customer service and sales skills to fulfill customer requests. They work outdoors in all weather conditions while maintaining a quick, efficient pace. Gas stations prefer candidates who have the following skills:
  • Physical fitness - gas attendants handle gas pumps, lift car hoods, carry inventory items, and work quickly in cold conditions, hot temperatures, and inclement weather, tasks that all require stamina and endurance
  • Customer service - gas attendants use customer service skills to greet and interact with customer

Two (2) Weeks Employment Act


New Providence