Jan 19, 2023

$500 Level Summer Enrichment Fellowships

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  • The Bahamas

Job / Advertisement Description


Summer Enrichment Fellowships are Abbey Road's most popular Student Ambassador award. Designed to promote study abroad and cross-cultural awareness through student stories and images, fellowship recipients are given a personal program blog to update during the summer, cataloging their program experiences. Outstanding contributors are profiled and their work showcased on the Abbey Road website. Abbey Road awards 3-5 Summer Enrichment Fellowships per summer program.

Other Criteria

In order to be considered for a Summer Fellowship or Scholarship, you must be a high school student aged 14-18 who demonstrates high academic and extracurricular performance in the field for which you are applying. A competitive overall G.P.A, strong grades in the subject related to the scholarship or program of interest and involvement in extracurricular and after-school cultural/leadership activities are all examples of high academic and extracurricular performance.



You must be studying in one of the following countries:

France, Italy, Spain and United States


April 15th

You must be from one of the following countries:


Number of Awards


You must be studying one of the following:

Cultural Studies, Education, ESL & English Language, Culinary Arts and Languages/Linguistics

Host Institution

Abbey Road programs INC