Sep 11, 2019

Office and HR Manager

  • Consulting Company
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
  • $30,000 - $45,000 yearly
Full Time Management

Job Description

Responsible for an efficient running of the office by providing all required administrative services including, but not limited to:

  • Writing company letters/memos, making copies, scanning, binding and preparing books of reports
  • Managing office supplies (paper, inks, toners, pens, etc., cleaning materials, coffee, tea, water etc.) and placing relevant orders as required. Requesting quotations for furniture, clothing or other materials required for the office, placing orders and preparing POs (if requested), in collaboration with Manager
  • Ensuring the effective operation of printers/faxes/phones, plotters, arranging for their regular maintenance as well as emergency repairs as required (computers, printers, plotter etc.)
  • Arranging hotel / rental accommodation for visitors coming to work with the company
  • Securing work permits as required for permanent and visiting staff, consultants etc.
  • Maintaining NIB certificates for all employees and submitting reports as required to NIB.
  • Managing the company vehicle fleet. Arranging for insurance claims and vehicle repairs / new parts as required.
  • Manage and provide support in Tracking packages/shipments & arranging for shipments as required
  • Arranging office events
  • Keeping and checking the work sheets of all employees, overtime, sick and vacation days, obtaining the monthly door logs and checking against time sheets, validating overtime claims and maintaining vehicle mileage and fuel usage logs – and creating monthly statistics
  • Archiving (all kinds of agreements/contracts, files/employee files etc., maintaining lists of materials/equipment which are used in the office (computers, telemetry equipment etc.)
  • Maintaining the office as a safe, secure and healthy working environment 
  • Liaison with vendors for orders, follow-ups and invoicing
  • Petty Cash
  • Depending on the experience, position will include also human resources tasks to be addressed along the manager and HQ