Jun 06, 2019

Independent Technical Contractor

  • BTC
  • New Providence, The Bahamas
Contract Operations Technician Telecommunications

Job Description

The contractor will be responsible for performing various aspects of maintenance,
installations, repair and special projects where applicable in the outside plant network
comprising of both aerial and underground cables and to the prescribed standards.

*It is required that you have your own vehicle.

A. Type of Services to be provided:

1. Have a sound knowledge of emerging technologies in the telecommunications industry.
2. Provide technical support to ensure update of technical plant data, timely completion of
3. Complete site surveys as well as liaise with contracted personnel on outside plans and other
projects to ensure orderly progression of work and timely completions
4. Ensure all safety procedures are adhered to and that proper and adequate traffic management
is performed in the execution of work in the public domain
5. Submit written reports on damages, network deficiencies, and other adverse effects in the OSP
network, inclusive of reports on projects and assignments.
6. Assist with internal and external investigations of customer complaints and fraudulent activities
when required
7. Alert NNOC of all network damages and ensures timely updates are provided
8. Ensure oversight of tools and other related OSP equipment throughout the network
9. Perform other assigned tasks as required
During any scheduled work the Contractor will be available at all times by mobile or such other means
of communication established between BTC and the Contractor. 

B. Basis of Engagement:

1.The Contractor is responsible for performing various aspects of aerial and underground
maintenance, construction and special projects where applicable in the OSP to prescribed
2.The function has a strong focus on achieving high response times to requests and continually
improving response times. Consequently, response times must be balanced by performing
quality work while achieving high standards.

C. Qualifications

1.An Associate’s Degree in Engineering, Information Technology or Electronics or related technical field

2.Certification in basic computers and/or related technical certifications