Feb 20, 2019

Facilities Operations Production Supervisor

  • DTEC Plant Services
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
Full Time Maintenance Manager Management Manufacturing & Operations Operations Supervisor

AD Description


Provide direct supervision of front-line operation and maintenance staff for the Central Utility Plant (CUP), Diesel Generator Farm, and Building Support Systems within those facilities, Water Treatment Systems, Fuel Storage Facilities and Delivery and Electrical and Chilled Water Distribution Systems to the various hotel properties.  Implement policy, direction and guidance as provided by the DTECH Vice President of Operations and parent company policies and procedures.  Work with the DTECH Maintenance Manager and Hotel Facilities Manager to maintain positive client relations and meet client contract commitments.  Monitor and evaluate the operation of the Baha Mar facilities.   Provide additional interface with client personnel, equipment vendors and material suppliers, DTECH and client technical support staff and DTECH home office personnel.


Project objectives include ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective operation of all assigned facilities.  Maintain strict adherence to all safety and environmental rules and regulations to protect employees, facilities equipment and public safety.  Work under the direction of the DTECH Vice President of Operations.



Include the following specific duties (other duties may be assigned as needed).


  • Review system process variables and activities relevant to operation of the facilities. Apply principals of logic and engineering science to identify operating conditions outside of expected normal operating ranges. Troubleshoot abnormal operation and recommend corrective action.  Train and supervise operations personnel to identify problems and initiate remedies and techniques for corrective maintenance and improved operation.
  • Possess proficient skill in both oral and written communications.
  • Analyze operating and maintenance performance data and work with other staff members to make appropriate technical recommendations on procedures to improve efficiency, and reliability.
  • Monitors equipment operation relative to anticipated energy balance analyses; monitored parameters include fuel input and energy output and equipment efficiencies.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for improving efficiency and reliability in an economic and cost-effective manner.
  • Develop and implement strategies for continued improvement.
  • Develop and issue periodic reports to document maintenance progress, accomplishments and resolved and ongoing operational issues.
  • Manage third party contracts, technical support service representatives, and continuing service agreements for assigned facilities. Monitor and provide technical assistance with maintenance and operational activities and work assignments.
  • Train and develop operations and maintenance support staff.
  • Effectively diagnose the cause of malfunctions of mechanical and electrical equipment, including controls, Components may include transformers, switchgear, VFDs, starters, relays, switches, transmitters, control and monitoring devices, diesel generators, electric chillers, pumps, fans and air handling units.
  • Provide operations input for projects being developed to improve the facilities performance.
  • Provide conceptual inputs to engineering for facility modifications. Oversee minor modifications to operating equipment which can be efficiently handled in-house.
  • Assists the Vice President of DTECH Operations with development of operational plans, approaches and goals.
  • Assist in preparing bid solicitations and documents for major maintenance and capital improvement projects as directed.
  • Maintain regular verbal and written communication to keep the DTECH Vice President of Operations fully informed of unusual conditions, damaged equipment, and current job progress as the job relates to facility operations.



A minimum of tenyears’ experience in facilities operations is required.  Experience with technical problem solving, equipment operation and personnel supervision is preferred.  An associate degree in engineering technology or equivalent from a college or technical school is also preferred. Ideal candidates will have solid electric power, diesel generator and electric chiller plant experience with associated fluid systems process control and/or cogeneration experience.



  • Demonstrated knowledge of all facets of power plant operations. Demonstrated ability to read and interpret electrical and mechanical process drawings, write routine reports, solve practical problems, make competent decisions in emergency situations, clearly communicate tasks and needs, and provide direction and guidance to and training of  support staff personnel.  Demonstrated good verbal and written communication skills.  Ability to exercise considerable initiative and independent judgment in resolving problems and improving operating efficiencies and reliability in an economic manner, while working with multifaceted personnel. Ability to reach, climb, lift (up to 75 pounds), walk and stoop as necessary to inspect and direct maintenance of energy system equipment and distribution components.