Jan 24, 2019

Boat Captain

  • Baha Mar
  • Baha Mar Boulevard, Nassau, The Bahamas
Full Time Boat Captain Hospitality & Tourism

Job Description

Brand:             Shared Services- Beach Sanctuary

Job Title:          Boat/Vessel Fleet Captain

Reports to:       Aquarium Curator

Baha Mar’s Boat/Vessel Fleet Captain will work together with the multiple departments to oversee and  assist in the different boating needs and marine operations including but limited to; the scientific diving program, staff and guest transport needs and coordinating various guest activities. 

The Baha Mar culture begins with PASSION.

We have a passion for “BETTER THAN BEST” that leaves a lasting impression on our guests, and creates a timeless resort experience that is glamorous, fun and exceptional. Here is how you can “own the wow!”

  • Care deeply
  • Have a generous spirit
  • Thrive as part of a team
  • Pay exacting attention to details
  • Create emotional connections with our guests
  • Be strongly committed to Baha Mar’s success

What you will also have already accomplished:

  • Must possess a current Masters (Class A) Captains License
  • 500 hours of sea time employed as a Class A and/or Class B captain
  • Possess current CPR and First Aid Certifications
  • Proven knowledge of the waters of the central Bahamas, especially around New Providence Island
  • Possess current STCW certification

Description of Responsibilities

Baha Mar’s Boat/Vessel Fleet Captain will be responsible for the oversight of the the company’s vessels, coordination of vessel usage, vessel maintenance, staff training, coordinating guest activities and overseeing the marina operations. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that all vessels are currently registered and insured and liaise with the appropriate departments to ensure documents are submitted to avoid lapse of registration or insurance.
  • Perform daily inspection of each vessel in the Baha Mar fleet and document all inspections in each vessel’s log.
  • Coordinate the repairs and routine maintenance of engines, electronics and hull with designated marine technicians.
  • Develop and implement vessel usage policy to address how vessels and crew will be reserved and the conditions for approval.
  • Oversee dock/marina operations ensuring the security of all vessels.
  • Approve and coordinate the requests for vessel usage by Baha Mar staff.
  • Approve and coordinate the requests for vessel usage for guest experiences.
  • Assign appropriate crew for vessel operations.
  • Captain vessels when necessary.
  • Liaise with and provide clear communication to hotel concierge staff, Long Cay staff and management, aquarium staff and others of all updates to vessel usage policies,
  • Ensure that all crew and staff using vessels have all necessary training to safely work on a vessel and in a boating environment.
  • Ensure that all vessels are fueled and in proper operational condition at all times.
  • Coordinate charters with contracted captains or companies as required.
  • Uphold the Baha Mar standards for all vessel operations regardless of whether the vessel or crew is member of the Baha Mar family.
  • Create and maintain an effective work schedule for captain and crew.
  • Ensure the vessel fleet needs remain in budget.
  • Fulfill all necessary payroll duties on time.