Rollins College

The perfect blend

Challenging coursework, engaging service and international opportunities, and nearly 100 student-led organizations and clubs create a rich living and learning environment ripe for you to find your passion and potential.

Engage in a wide range of ideas and perspectives

A Rollins education challenges you to step outside of your intellectual comfort zone—explore new ideas, reconcile seemingly irreconcilable perspectives, read critically, and write reflectively. In the process, you’ll attain a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it.

Make a difference

At Rollins, you won’t serve the community for the mere purpose of adding a line to your resume—you’ll connect your education and your passions to the needs of the world.

Did we mention location?

Located along the banks of Lake Virginia in Central Florida, our beautiful college campus encourages you to take advantage of Florida’s natural beauty and Orlando’s vibrant metropolis.