Alpha Tango

Born out of Florida and based in The Bahamas, for more than five years, Alpha Tango leads the way in promoting several industries, organizations and destinations. Using a unique approach and innovative marketing concepts, Alpha Tango strategizes with each of our clients to launch their success, from concept and design, to development and execution. 

Our clients are spread over a wide range of industries which include hospitality, transportation, energy, infrastructure, technology and the medical sector. Specializing in growth development, we monitor current and upcoming market trends and understand individual target markets to achieve a comprehensive plan. By evaluating a clients’ current marketing efforts, Alpha Tango uses our industry insights to identify pressure points to suggest and implement alternatives to achieve effective results.

By providing an analysis, we use our expertise in development, social media solutions, branding, digital marketing, optimization and media management to create a powerful campaign. Alpha Tangos’ success and the success of our clients have been predicated on our devotion to our core values – passion, integrity, personal relationships, perseverance, collaboration, and a desire to share every client’s most valuable asset: THEIR STORY.