University of Alberta

University of Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university and one of the Top 150 in the world. Find out what makes our student experience so rich, meaningful and life-changing.

University of Alberta 116 St. and 85 Ave., Edmonton, AB, Canada
Admission Requirements  Admission is based on your complete academic history and achievement in three main areas: your grades, your English proficiency, and completion of required subjects. In addition to accepting many different international curricula, UAlberta allows advanced standing or transfer credit for certain courses. International Curricula The University of Alberta accepts and evaluates a variety of international curricula.   Completion of Five Academic Subjects Students applying for admission from high school must show that they have successfully completed five academic subjects. The academic subjects you need to present will vary by program and Faculty. Find out which subjects you will need to present for your program of choice with the program finder. Some programs may have post-secondary prerequisites. Program Finder   Your English Language Proficiency...