NHI Bahamas

NHI Bahamas is a new national health insurance programme for The Bahamas introduced by the Government. NHI Bahamas will make our health care system more modern, affordable and accessible. We are seeking qualified candidates in this exciting new organization. All our roles require individuals who are results and action oriented and are accustomed to working in a fast moving, collaborative environment. You must have strong communication and computer skills. You are a person of high integrity and conduct yourself in a manner that supports our values of respect and diversity. All positions listed below are contracted for a one year period, with the possibility of permanent contractual arrangement after the NHIA is established.

NHI Bahamas Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
Aug 30, 2017
Full Time
Overview Reporting to the National Health Insurance Authority Board of Directors (“NHIA Board”), the Managing Director is responsible for establishing, developing and running the NHIA. The Managing Director will develop and implement the strategy for the organization in its mission to deliver modern, affordable and accessible health care to Bahamians through National Health Insurance (“NHI”).   The Managing Director will be a dynamic leader with a strong understanding of the health care system, ability to oversee the management of diverse business operations, provide strategic leadership to the organization and collaborate effectively with a network of diverse internal and external stakeholders including the NHIA Board, Deputy Directors and health care providers. The Managing Director will build organizational excellence within the NHIA through a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. The Managing Director will foster a culture of innovation and will position the NHIA to be responsive to the ever-changing health care environment and the health care needs of the population. The position requires a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the healthcare system, health insurance, healthcare and insurance legislation, regulations, and policy; a solid understanding of information and communications technologies and how they can be employed to improve healthcare and health insurance in The Bahamas; and exemplary management knowledge and experience across the full range of business functions – finance, systems, human resources, information technology, information management, business analysis, strategic development, planning, budgeting, and customer service. Overall Responsibilities The Managing Director creates an organizational and accountability framework through with his/her direct reports to execute on the following responsibilities: Strategy, Policy, Planning & Performance Provides strategic direction and guidance for the assignment of priorities to the health sector needs and determines the objectives and responsibilities of stakeholders in the system Oversees the development of policies and strategic plans to enable the full realization of the NHI programme goals with the aim of meeting the health needs of Bahamians Manages the development of policies and strategic plans to enable the efficient and effective execution of NHIA operations Oversees the implementation of the NHI programme and operational changes resulting from new strategies and plans Oversees monitoring and evaluation of NHIA performance relative to strategic targets. Leads the development and review of measures that will control the level of expenses in order to reach financial targets. Legal Oversees contract management for NHIA partners and the legal advice related to negotiation, establishment, compliance monitoring, maintenance and termination Communications and Public Affairs Provides strategic direction for communications and outreach to key stakeholders in the NHI programme Oversees communications management, including strategy development, policy and standards development, planning coordination, and monitoring and evaluation Oversees public affairs and public education matters to ensure that the public and media are informed in a consistent manner Provider and RHA Management Provides direction for the Provider Registration process, including the process for receiving applications, documentation, verifying credentials, validating quality improvement plans, etc. Manages the Provider Pay-for-Performance process including setting of measurable pay-for-performance targets for providers, evaluating performance against targets, reviewing and authorizing payments Provides direction for the RHA Registration process, including receiving and recording RHA certification information, updating or removing certification status, assignment of beneficiaries to new RHAs, etc. Provides input to the Exception Care authorization, claim and reimbursement processes Provides input to the RHA Pay-for-Performance process, including determining the level of compliance with NHIA standards Compliance and Quality Assurance Provides input in the Provider and RHA monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance process to ensure that providers and RHAs are delivering the necessary contracted quality of service and are complying with NHIA standards and regulations Provides input into the management of identified cases of suspicious programme benefit utilization to closure by implementing corrective action or reporting to NHIA Complaint and Appeal Management Provides oversight to appeals and dispute management, which may including liaising with external parties and/or the Independent Tribunal Workforce Management and Organizational Development Provide strategic direction for workforce planning, analysis and organizational and position design Operates a program to systematically improve the performance for Deputy Directors and direct report, through the setting of individual goals, monitoring and assessment of their achievement and the rewarding of good performance Financial Management Oversees the development and implementation of policies regarding all aspects of financial management and accounting, including treasury policies to ensure the NHIA’s liquidity and to mitigate operational, financial and operational risk Reviews and directs the preparation of financial reports ensuring that appropriate analysis is available for varying audiences, including the Board of Directors Oversees procurement of goods and services required for NHIA operations, and ensures the allocation of costs to the appropriate accounts. Provides oversight to the National Health Insurance Fund established pursuant to section 10 of the National Health Insurance Bill, 2016, and the Reserve Fund established pursuant to section 15 of the same Bill Actuarial Management Provides oversight for actuarial analysis and rate setting for both Providers and RHAs Understands and identifies possible risks, their likelihood and financial impact in order to prioritize and define a plan to manage and respond to the risks Information Management Ensures the organization’s compliance with personal health privacy regulations and policies Competencies Operational Excellence and Resource Management Applies a strategic knowledge across the entire NHIA business and operating environment Leads NHIA activities ensuring short and long-term strategies, goals and objectives are implemented to achieve results and outcomes Creates and delivers the accountability framework and structures for achieving the Board’s objectives Reports regularly to the Board on relevant performance metrics associated with the organization and any other information necessary for the Board to properly exercise its governance responsibilities Formulates and recommends to the Board the annual Strategic Plan and operating and capital expenditure budgets for approval Provides leadership and management to the Strategy, Legal and Policy; Finance and Accounting; Human Resources and Facilities; Information and Communications Technology; and Health Benefits and Provision Branches Systems Transformation (and Quality Assurance) Oversees the establishment of the NHIA organization Establishes comprehensive goals for performance and growth Ensures the development of, and adherence to, operating policies, systems and practices that meet government-wide standards Leads the growth and expansion of the agency Develops standards and conditions for the quality of care provided by facilities and providers; develops programs to ensure compliance with quality of care standards Determines strategies to resolve complex and contentious issues impacting NHIA’s strategy Identifies long-term strategic opportunities and initiates innovative strategies Manages organizational risk exposure Assesses potential risk of outcomes on all decisions made at the executive level People and Leadership Encourages an organizational culture that embraces change, motivates action and engages all employees in the progress and success of NHIA’s mission Builds a strong team of leaders and environment that fosters loyalty, trust and ethical behaviors Ensures opportunities are created within and across the organization to develop employee growth and development Establishes appropriate strategies to ensure seamless transition and career development of senior employees Partnerships and Stakeholder Management Oversees effective internal and external communications Manages relationships with executives, team, employees and Board of Directors to ensure strategic priorities are determined and communicated and that expectations are effectively managed Maintains positive and productive relationships with the media, industry and industry representatives, recipients, government organizations and communities, including national and international stakeholder groups Exercises sound judgment, influence and persuasion in the face of divergent objectives Builds relationships, develops consensus and builds commitment to new programs and processes Qualifications and Knowledge University graduate program in economics, law, medicine, public policy or other relevant field Preferably at least a Master’s Degree with a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in a relevant academic area Strong management knowledge, including the knowledge of the functions Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Information and Communications Technology, Health Benefits and Provision, Facilities Management and other key processes such as strategic planning and business process redesign Experience Background and experience in health care, health care management or related field, at a senior level Proven experience in designing, implementing and leading complex business processes or functions in a related field, such as insurance, health systems, and/or financial institutions Experience interacting with both private and public stakeholders Experience at national and international level an asset Personal characteristics Collaborative Functions in complexity and ambiguity Is a strong and effective communicator Demonstrates high integrity and ethical behavior Is respectful and supports diversity Has strong interpersonal skills Is results- and action-oriented Acts as a role model for values and code of conduct of the organization