Lukayans Enterprise

Lukayans Enterprises is a technology company headquarters in The Bahamas. We design, homebuilt, provide private networking, smart home, software installation, for consumers, industrials, and professional industries. Our company engages in digital marketing and franchising video content. Founded in 2018 by Caribbean's Finest Economic Strategist, Shaquille Datus Johnson, with their expertise in electronics, marketing, and years of delegating to clients with prominent satisfaction. 

Our objective is to offer our services in designing the technological systems for private enterprises that are absent from market data in overcoming the challenges in maintaining and expanding their market share. 

The World has changed and the economy has formed into a new economy for both predecessors and derivatives from each generation. Business is changing in every aspect of technology, customers expectation, and economic activities that a multitude of businesses are being drastically affected. 

We are actively changing the marketplace gradually in The Bahamas with its current operations and economic obstacles that can better the lives of its citizens and facilitate the needs of foreigners that are investing. 

Lukayans provides the solutions to save your business from ever collapsing and reform its operations into a newly reestablish enterprise. Your expenses will be reduced. Your revenue will increase. And your Market will expand!

We are looking for persons that want to help change the world with the skills and knowledge in what we do to take your businesses into the next step like never before!