Department of Public Service

  • Meeting Street, Nassau, The Bahamas

The Department of Public Service has been established under Article 77 of the Constitution, which allows for the designation of ministries / departments and the allocation of portfolios of responsibilities to Government Ministers. It is located in Central Government where it can be supported by the highest authority.

The current Minister of The Public Service is the Hon. D. Shane Gibson. The other central coordinating agencies are the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Finance. The interaction among these three agencies will often dictate the success to be achieved in the implementation and coordination of government’s programmes and policies.

The Department of Public Service plays a vital role in our country by ensuring that the Public Service is stable, properly managed and that employees are available in sufficient numbers to meet the demands of the Public Service and the demands of new projects.  It can be said that the department acts as a broker of interests between the long-term needs of the entire Public Service, Trade Unions and individual public employees, within the mandate of the political directorate.

The Department of Public Service must therefore deal not only with our own direct organizational practice and strengthening, but also with those of the different ministries / departments.

The quality of decisions in the department governs the success to be achieved. These decisions are about jobs, people, training requirements and availability of funds, and about the interaction between these components. For example, with respect to jobs, the skills needed as well as the departmental structure appropriate for their effective discharge must be determined. Unless there are proper career paths and selection processes, unless the way is prepared by an appropriate scheme of education and training, unless systems are subject to constant review and constructive criticism, then ministries / departments throughout the Service will not be responsive to new demands and changing environments.