Bahamas Gaming Board

  • Bahamas

The Gaming Board for The Commonwealth of The Bahamas was established in August 1969 pursuant to Section 32(1), Part IV, Lotteries and Gaming Act Chapter 351 of 1969. Section 32(2) of the Lotteries and Gaming Act states the following:-

"Further, that the Appointed Board shall consist of a Chairman and two (2) other members appointed by the Minister." "They are to hold and vacate office as such in accordance with the terms of their appointments"

"Further the Appointed Board shall appoint a Secretary and may from time to time appoint other officers including Inspectors and Servants as they may deem necessary or expedient for the purpose of assisting the Gaming Board generally in carrying out their functions."

There have been many amendments to said Act, including amendment No.3 of 1978, which allowed the Hotel Corporation to own all casino licenses and a Casino Operator to be given a license to manage a casino.