Bluff House Beach Resort & Marina

Steeped in history, Bluff House Beach Resort & Marina was the first and is now the oldest resort in the Bahamas’ Out Islands. Bluff House began in the early 1950s as the private home of Pearce and Kitty Coady. As many of the traditional English Victorian and American Colonial homes of its day, it was a wonderful gathering place for a unique mix of interesting and cosmopolitan people. Pearce and Kitty frequently hosted boaters from all over the world who were looking for a comfortable night on land, good company, excellent food and genuine hospitality. Over time, they added to the Bluff House property so they could accommodate more guests eager to experience the stunning Bluff House setting and the Coady’s warm ‘make you feel right at home’ welcoming.

From 1978 to 1986, the Davies family owned the Bluff House. Melissa and Leslie Davies, 24 and 25-years-old respectively, ran Bluff House until it was sold to Martin Havill who owned and operated it from 1986 to 1995.

Fast forward to 1995 when the Bluff House was purchased by Roger and Susan Phillips. Roger and Susan offered guests their warm and gracious hospitality for 17 years. Roger and Susan owned and operated Bluff House until June 2011 when it was purchased by a group of investors headed by Roger’s nephew, Ian Phillips. In keeping with the tradition and spirit of Bluff House, this diverse group plans to take Bluff House to a new level of customer service and resort amenities. They take great pride in Bluff House and guests will be treated with the same warm, “make you feel right at home,” welcoming of years gone by.