The Abaco Club

The Abaco Club on Winding Bay was created to be a rare kind of community: a tropical paradise where club members, homeowners and visitors can escape the rigors of everyday life and relax, recreate, and rejuvenate in a setting so beautiful as to defy description. A true sporting club, The Abaco Club offers a world of wonders including the #1 golf course in The Bahamas, a spa and fitness facility, water sports, tennis courts, gourmet dining and the club’s crown jewel—an incomprehensibly beautiful, 2-mile, powder-soft beach that serves as the gateway to the tranquil waters of Winding Bay. In the surrounding waters, club members and guests can avail themselves of the area’s world-famous saltwater flats fishing, thrilling deep-sea fishing, and the serene boating and sailing waters of the Sea of Abaco.

For members, the club is a place to return to again and again—for walks on the beach, golf events, soothing spa treatments, and lazy days spent under the warm Bahamian sun. For homeowners, it’s all these things plus the opportunity to own a personal residence on one of the most beautiful island properties in existence.

In short, the Abaco Club is a quiet refuge from the world, where families come together, friendships are made, good times are enjoyed and a lifetime of memories is created. If you’re not currently an Abaco Club member or homeowner, you’re still very welcome to visit and enjoy all the club has to offer. When you do, don’t be surprised if you decide you want to become part of our magical island community, too.