Caribbean Bottling Company

The Caribbean Bottling Company and its predecessor companies have serviced the Bahamian market with Coca-Cola products for over 70 years.

Full Time
Caribbean Bottling Company Nassau, The Bahamas
Employment Opportunity Syrup Room Operator Functions include · Syrup Production · Equipment Cleaning and Sanitation · Quality Testing · Optimization of production scheduling · Assist with the general functions of the production department Qualifications · High School Diploma. · 3 years of Experience in beverage manufacturing. · Math and English BGCSE Skills · Analytical and time management skills · Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) · Supervisory and leadership skills · Strong interpersonal skills · Ability to multi-task and communicate effectively Interested persons must submit resume electronically to: Caribbean Bottling Co. Sir Milo Butler Highway Nassau, The Bahamas
May 17, 2019