LCG Capital Markets Limited

  • Olde Towne Sandyport, Nassau, The Bahamas

LONDON CAPITAL GROUP (“LCG”) was founded in 1996 and is a global trading house, building and expanding on its twenty seven years of experience in the trading industry.  LCG combines its years of financial expertise with innovative technology, assisting tens of thousands of clients across the globe with brokering transactions, as well as educating clients about trading and assisting them with their trading queries.  The Company's award-winning trading platforms and mobile apps provide clients with the ultimate trading experience and demonstrates LCG’s commitment to integrity and ethics in the market.  LCG Capital Markets Limited [formerly London Capital Group (Bahamas) Limited] is its Bahamian subsidiary.  With a number of new offices being opened all around the world, The Bahamas office is  one of LCG’s most critical additions to its continuing growth and success.