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150 Employees Needed. APPLY NOW

Fusion Superplex first broke ground in 2016 with the goal of building a 100,000 square foot, $42 million dollar entertainment facility. Founded by Bahamians, invested in by Bahamians and built for Bahamians, Fusion Superplex will offer entertainment options never before seen in our country. Fusion Superplex is completely focused on providing customers with the ultimate entertainment experience. Every detail of the facility has been designed with the customer in mind, from choosing the perfect kernel of popcorn, tirelessly testing theatre seats for maximum comfort, to investing millions in the most up to date technologies in movie viewing, gaming and dining. No corner of the globe has been left unexplored to bring innovations from Asia, Europe, South America, Canada and The United States to our shores. Fusion Superplex is expected to be the authority on family entertainment and a facility that will win the admiration and loyalty of every guest to walk through its doors.

Top Five Reasons Why YOU Should Join OUR Team 

  1. We offer the 2nd largest IMAX screen in the Western Hemisphere, and the only 4DX cinema in the Caribbean.  We have built a full-service entertainment facility to include a restaurant, arcade, ice-cream parlour, coffee house, soft play centre and event area.
  2. We are the most modern and technically advanced family entertainment experience in the Caribbean.
  3. We put family first and we want you to join our family.
  4. We promise to maintain an energized and uplifting atmosphere for our team.
  5. We believe in Bahamians, we will do our part to rebuild the community.