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Motivating Employees to Hit Year End Business Goals

Motivating Employees to Hit Year End Business Goals

Are you approaching crunch time? You know, that make-or-break, end-of-the-year test of whether you’ve reached your business goals? If, as a business owner or business manager, you’ve smartly created an annual budget with revenue targets, you’re going to want to your New Year goals to be successful in the final quarter of your year. For some small businesses, this is easier said than done — and it all depends on the motivation of your employees to make it happen. Here’s a look at how to get everyone on board.

Share the Plan for Accomplishing Business Goals

If you haven’t done so already, gather your team together and share your business goals for the remainder of the year, and any New Year goals you’re thinking for 2018. What’s the necessary projected revenue? What’s the definition of success for your company? In order to meet a goal, you have to set one. Experts encourage having at least three specific, measurable business goals, and creating a plan to meet them. You have to be a confident, supportive leader to get your team excited.

Friendly Competition Amongst Staff

In industry jargon, this is known as “gamifying,” and who doesn’t like a game? Creating friendly competition among your staff starts with a public reward for success. There’s a balancing act here, though. Determine what each person can accomplish so that there are more winners than losers or everyone wins in some way. Setting small, weekly goals and having faith in your employees will go a long way to meeting the real bottom line.

Reward Success for Accomplishments

Incentives are key to motivation — anyone in Psychology 101 can confirm — but how is the question. The answer is simple: ask your employees. What do they want? An extra paid day off? A gift certificate to a local restaurant? Make sure that your reward for accomplishing business goals is an effective motivator, otherwise it might backfire. Bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. A more flexible work day, on-site yoga classes, and creative paid time off are just some ideas that don’t necessarily cut deeply into your budget.

Keep Competition Fun

Keep expectations high as you encourage fun competition among your employees so that it never feels like a burden. Instead, present your motivational techniques as a special, seasonal event that will mean more success for all — with your satisfied customers, of course, included.

How do you motivate your staff to hit their year end business goals? Have you already started setting New Year goals? Now is a great time!